Moto X Play: Beste Technik trifft auf individuelles Design

Moto X-Play


It does not always have to be an iPhone! There are many other great smartphone models that can do a lot and are also much cheaper. This includes the Moto X Play from Motorola, which convinces with the latest technology and many design options. Until 30.11.15 you also save with our coupon code 50 Euro when ordering in the online store.

The water-repellent coating of the Moto X Play protects the smartphone not only against wetness and scratches, but at the same time against energy loss. This is how the battery lasts a long time: with average usage, Motorola guarantees a battery life of two days. At least as important today is the camera function – again, the Moto X Play is well equipped: A high-quality 21-megapixel camera with quadruple digital zoom ensures razor-sharp images, even in poor lighting. When it is really dark, the color-balancing flash is used. This of course also includes a razor-sharp display: The Moto X Play shines with a 5.5-inch Full HD display with a resolution of 1,080 pixels.

Tip: The Moto X Play can be charged in no time with TurboPower! For a battery life of about seven hours, you only need to hang the device on the power for about 15 minutes.

What the Moto X Play can do

The Moto X Play runs with practical Android software, which guarantees the best performance, and also has more technical subtleties ready. For example, the smartphone can be easily controlled by voice. In addition, a light touch and the screen is visible – without unlocking. The intelligent „Motorola rules“ program knows where you are at the moment, for example, the smartphone reads out new text messages in the car or silently turns itself on at bedtime.Also worth knowing: Multi-tasking is no problem with the powerful processor. For example, you can stream as you like while using another app without sacrificing performance.

Design your unique Moto X Play

You do not want to swim with the crowd, but you prefer to conjure an individual smartphone yourself? This is with the Moto X Play and the Moto-Maker on quite easy and free! For the front you can choose between black and white, for the back there are a total of 14 different colors available. With seven other shades you give the Moto X Play the right accents. With this feature, you can also have your name or text engraved on the smartphone and set an individual greeting for the start screen. If you do not have enough memory with 16 GB, you can simply increase it to 32 GB via the Foto Maker for an additional charge of 50 euros. Your desired cell phone will be made directly after the order for you and will arrive a few days later.

Moto-X-Play Moto Maker

So you get the Moto X Play for 50 euros cheaper

You want to get the Moto X Play? Then use our limited time coupon for the Motorola online shop. Around the Black Friday you get there the Moto X Play namely by 50 euros cheaper, the shipping is free. So the smartphone costs you – including individual design – only 329 euros.

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